[Product-Developers] [collective.flowplayer] Proposal: stop supporting image file format

Luca Fabbri luca at keul.it
Fri Sep 30 14:22:18 UTC 2011

On Fri, Sep 30, 2011 at 10:25 AM, Johannes Raggam <raggam-nl at adm.at> wrote:
> IMHO, it's this looks like a bug - except flowplayer would have a
> image-gallery plugin, in which case these extensions should only become
> active if installed (but there is no such plugin, i guess). i would remove
> the image file types from flowplayer.
> as far as i know about the collective.flowplayer development process, it's
> seen as a collective project and improvements like this are very welcome.

I commited the fix. I also take some time to fix some broken tests and
another minor issue.

Some notes:
 1) One of the broken test was a problem related to adding a link to a
video. In this case the saving event try urlopen it for extract

We have the same issue with redturtle video but we removed this
feature in the past: If a user put a link to a giant remote video (on
another server) Zope downalod it all.

For links, I think can be an idea to make this optional

 2) I updated the project home page egg from a useless "plone.org" to
the products/collective-flowplayer page. I always forget that there's
a Poi tracker there!

 3) flowplayer still leave a lot of garbage behind. It don't remove
marker interfaces and applied views.

I will open tickets for this! :)

-- luca

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