[Product-Developers] Request for help: plone.app.theming template theme

Joaquin Rosales globojorro at gmail.com
Fri Sep 30 00:50:02 UTC 2011

El jue, 29-09-2011 a las 22:23 +0100, Martin Aspeli escribió:

> This looks really good, code wise. Maybe you want to work with Giacomo
> to get this updated, integrated and tested?

Yes, I'd like to work with Giacomo. I guess we'll work the contacting
each other bit offline.

> I think the theme itself (when opened standalone) should be a bit more
> realistic: more like a basic mockup of a web page than something
> containing obvious placeholders. The rules and general approach seem
> good, though.

I agree about the standalone view of the theme should have some sample
HTML tags & mockup content. It's really hard to make the theme-CSS if
there is no content on the theme.html file. Also, coming from a
non-English speaking country, I suggest some international version of
lorem ipsum, which is great for catching non-unicode, standard browser

> You need to clone the optilude-ace branch of
> https://github.com/plone/plone.app.theming. In there, there is a
> template theme that we should replace with something like your one.

On it, doing it.

> Remember that fhis should serve two purposes:
>  - A quick way to test how a diazo theme is installed and works
> without creating your own theme
>  - A template that serves as the starting point for new themes
> So, it needs good, but not excessive comments, a clean and tidy
> structure, and no project-specific or otherwise
> inappropriate-for-reuse bits.
> Are you up for this?

 I'm up for it. I'll need some orientation on how to best do the
testing, and most likely I'll need to be pointed to the right direction
as to what the best practice for certain things might be, but I'm up for

> Cheers,
> Martin


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