[Product-Developers] [collective.flowplayer] Proposal: stop supporting image file format

Yuri yurj at alfa.it
Thu Sep 29 15:15:37 UTC 2011

My version of flowplayer, when I upload an .mp4, shows a black box. The 
movie play (I can see the cursor moving from 00:00 to the lenght of the 
movie), but it shows only a black box. Some mp4, instead, works. It this 
behaviour ok?

Il 29/09/2011 17:05, Luca Fabbri ha scritto:
> Hi all,
> in the current collective.flowplayer trunk we have:
>      VIDEO_EXTENSIONS = ['.f4b', '.f4p', '.f4v', '.flv', '.mp4',
> '.m4v', '.jpg', '.gif', '.png', '.mov']
> We had a couple of situation where the user upload in Plone an image
> as a file (not for an error, but because they really want to
> categorize as a file).
> If flowplayer is there, the file is marked as "IFlowplayer..." and the
> final effect is that the file view change to the flowplayer ones...
> and the media players simply do nothing.
> What is the scope of include in the list above .jpg, .gif and .png?
> Can we remove this?

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