[Product-Developers] Serving locale-specific JavaScript resources

Steve McMahon steve at dcn.org
Thu Sep 15 17:52:09 UTC 2011

Hi Sean,

Why not just include locale-specific information in the original HTML view?
Hide it it if it isn't meant for immediate display, then grab it with js
when you need it.


On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 10:26 AM, Sean Upton <sdupton at gmail.com> wrote:

> I am polling this list for ideas other add-on developers might have
> about serving locale-specific JavaScript resources.  At the moment, an
> add-on I have developed for a date widget [1] serves locale-specific
> date-parsing JavaScript files (http://datejs.com is localized to
> dozens of locales) by:
>  (a) Including a link to a view called @@date.js in the JS registry.
>  (b) having that view (correctly) parse the locale
> language/territory/script from the request [2] and find (if possible)
> the appropriate localized resource URL (or some default en-US) to
> redirect to.  The view issues a 302 redirect to the locale-specific
> resource.
> This is simple, easy, cache-safe, and works.  But I dislike the
> overhead of an additional HTTP request (if I can avoid it).  This
> seems a case that resource registries have not been designed to handle
> (??) and a tricky fit for caches to handle on the server side without
> including a distinct resource URI per-locale (serving one resource URL
> and using the HTTP 1.1 Vary header seems too complicated a solution).
> Am I missing some obvious or existing way to do this?  Thoughts?  Ideas?
> Sean
> [1] uu.smartdate -- see:
> http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~upiq-dev/upiq/uu.smartdate  -- I am quite
> likely looking to re-package this under a plone.formwidget.* name in
> plone svn at some point soon for wider distribution.
> [2] ZPublisher's HTTPRequest does not reliably parse the locale
> territory or script, so you cannot rely upon getting the locale
> identify from the request without a little bit of work:
> http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~upiq-dev/upiq/uu.smartdate/view/head:/uu/smartdate/locale.py
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