[Product-Developers] collective.recipe.backup doesn't clean up older blob backups and snapshots

Gil Forcada gil at usecm.com
Mon Sep 12 11:17:13 UTC 2011

2011/9/12 Maurits van Rees <m.van.rees at zestsoftware.nl>

> Hi Gil,
> Op 09-09-11 12:48, Gil Forcada schreef:
>  Hi,
>> I'm enjoying c.r.backup a lot, actually it saved my day thanks to the
>> new version with blob backups!
>> One thing I noticed though is that keeping all defaults[1] the only
>> folder that gets cleaned is var/snapshotbackups, the other
>> backup/snapshot folders keep growing and growing:
>> - var/backups (incremental backups)
>> - var/blobstoragebackups (incremental blob backups)
>> - var/blobstoragesnapshots (full blob backups)
>> Was it meant to be like this or is just because a .0 release is always
>> waiting for a .1 to enhance the release? :)
> Well, there is already a 2.1 release. :-)
> The incremental backups only need to be cleaned up when a zeopack has been
> run as the next backup then automatically makes a full backup (standard
> repozo behaviour).  So if you are not doing zeopacks then var/backups will
> keep increasing.  Is that maybe what is happening for you?  Or are you
> regularly packing the database?  (For most projects I pack once a week.)  It
> should work as far as I know, and there are tests.

Oh, I see, I also have a once a week packing but it wasn't triggered before
sending my email.

Thanks for all clarifications!


> For the blobstorage backups or snapshots I realize I have not added code
> for clearing (removing) old backups.  In a standard setup on Linux or Mac it
> should not matter much, as hard links are used even for the full backups, so
> for each backup only the new blobs take up extra space. Note that changing a
> file or image in Plone will lead to a new blob; existing blobs are never
> changed.
> For blobstoragesnapshots it should be pretty simple to remove the oldest
> backups as for each snapshot taken from the Data.fs there is one snapshot
> taken from the blobstorage.  I'll have a look at that.
> For blobstoragebackups it is trickier, as we cannot count the backups and
> keep the last two: we need to keep all backups that correspond to the latest
> two full Data.fs backups including their incremental backups.  We could
> order by last modified date and remove all blob backup directories that were
> created before the last kept full Data.fs backup.
> In fact, when restoring blobs the generated scripts simply copy over the
> most recent backup.  Any option you give that restores a backup of the
> Data.fs in a specific point in time is ignored for the blobs: as far as I
> know existing filesystem blobs are never changed and having a few extra
> blobs that are not used does not hurt.  If anyone knows this is bad, please
> speak up.
> We could be smarter about restoring blobs to a specific point in time (pick
> the first blob backup with a modification date after the requested time),
> but it may be safer not to try to be too smart here.
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