[Product-Developers] collective.recipe.backup doesn't clean up older blob backups and snapshots

Gil Forcada gil at usecm.com
Fri Sep 9 10:48:51 UTC 2011


I'm enjoying c.r.backup a lot, actually it saved my day thanks to the new
version with blob backups!

One thing I noticed though is that keeping all defaults[1] the only folder
that gets cleaned is var/snapshotbackups, the other backup/snapshot folders
keep growing and growing:
- var/backups (incremental backups)
- var/blobstoragebackups (incremental blob backups)
- var/blobstoragesnapshots (full blob backups)

Was it meant to be like this or is just because a .0 release is always
waiting for a .1 to enhance the release? :)


parts =

recipe = collective.recipe.backup


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