[Product-Developers] using contentratings to rate users

Simone Orsi simahawk at gmail.com
Wed Sep 7 09:30:40 UTC 2011


a customer of mine requires that users can rate other users.

I'm going to use contentratings + plone.contentratings as a base as it
seems quite complete.

So far I have mainly too problems/doubts:

1- contentratings - of course - is meant to rate contents not users (one
can object that also a user is a sort of 'content' but I can image that
it'll be quite messy to make it work on it since this product is not
made for this)

I think this can be get around by enabling rating on the users' folder.
As far as I can see it'll require only some trick on the view side.

2- another requirement is that there is a complex set of condition that
should match in order to enable rating (such as 'how long a user has
been registered', roles of the user who votes, roles of the user that
receive the vote, and more).

Looking at the code of the RatingCategoryAdapter it seems I can override
the method "_getExprContext" in my own adapter and make it pass to the
read/write permissions' evaluation all the data I need.

Any thought / hint would be much appreciated, thanks.


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