[Product-Developers] collective.portlet.explore ragged margin workaround

ken manheimer ken.manheimer at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 17:51:35 UTC 2011

i love collective.portlet.explore's functionality, but find the ragged right
margin of wrapped titles - where the second-line is far tot the right of the
first - to defeat the readability of the nesting structure.  i have a fix,
and would be happy to check it in, but the approach is dubious, and am
looking for better suggestions.

the problem is that conventional css approaches to indenting second lines
fail, because at sufficient nesting depths they cause the open/close toggle
glyph (the triangle) to be covered by the leading line.  i haven't found a
way, using just css on the <span> enclosing the title, to get around that.

the easy fix is to enclose the title in a <table><tr><td>...<table><tr><td>.
 actually, i need to use <table style="border-spacing: 0px">... to get rid
of extraneous spacing imposed by user-agent stylesheets.  i'm far from
certain this is the best way to do it, or even an acceptible one.  for quick
and dirty, though, it works like a charm.

what's the right way to do this?  (and why do people tolerate the ragged
right margin, as is?  do people just not use collective.portlet.explore?  or
always use very short titles?)

i should add that my time for attention to this is extremely limited - i'm
just trying to make the thing useful, in a centrally maintainable way.

ken manheimer
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