[Product-Developers] Grok cannot find my template

Mike Metcalfe mike at metcalfe.co.za
Fri Jul 29 10:31:33 UTC 2011

On 29 July 2011 12:10, Gil Forcada <gil at usecm.com> wrote:

> If you have created the product with zopeskel.dexterity[1] you should have
> a myclass_templates folder where to put your templates. The template should
> match the view's name so:

Hi Gil,

I didn't use zopeskel.dexterity,  I followed the developer
What I omitted from my initial post was that I have a working version but
was forced to change the name of the product. So I have the class and the
template structure as you described but I must have missed something when
converting the code. I start again with zopeskel.dexterity and introduce the
content type one at time.

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