[Product-Developers] approving a new product

Jon Stahl jonstahl at gmail.com
Sat Jul 23 02:33:03 UTC 2011

On Fri, Jul 22, 2011 at 4:18 AM, Alex Clark <aclark at aclark.net> wrote:
> On 7/22/11 2:58 AM, Christian Ledermann wrote:
>> Hi,
>> when I add a new product it generally gets approved in 2 working days
>> (good job plone website team :)
>> I think that it is crucial to have a public accessible code repository
>> so that the reviewers can
>> have a look at your code. I almost always put my code into the
>> collective svn this seems to speed
>> up the process. (street cred may have another influence but this may
>> not be the case here as Héctor
>> has contributed some projects in the past)
> The procedure is we have no procedure ;-). Though I'm thinking maybe Jon
> Stahl can set up some of his content rules magic to mail various folks.
> Anyway, approved! Sorry for the delay.

Unfortunately, I've not been able to get the content rules for add-on
products to fire, so I manually check every few days.  Sorry if I
missed one.  Full disclosure: I don't really do very tough "due
diligence" on new products, just check to make sure there is a
plausible description. ;-)

Actually, I'm headed out of town for a month next week, so getting a
few extra eyes on this would be really helpful.  Bonus points for
anyone who can get content rule email notifications working reliably.


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