[Product-Developers] Plone Theme Licensing Policy Announced

Jon Stahl jonstahl at gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 21:11:40 UTC 2011

On behalf of the Plone Foundation board of directors, I'm pleased to
announce that we've just adopted an official policy for the licensing
of Plone themes.  The highlights:

* Themes that import from GPL-licensed code must be GPL.
* Themes that do not import from GPL-licensed code may be distributed
under other licenses.  We encourage the use of GPL or Creative Commons
* Any Plone theme may be listed in the products section of Plone.org.
Plone theme packages that are uploaded to Plone.org for distribution
must be licensed under the GPL, Creative Commons, or similar
open-source licenses.

The (brief) full text of the policy is at:

While long-time Plone contributors might note that this policy is not
substantially different from the general Plone add-on products
licensing policy, Diazo theming technology makes it far easier to
create themes that don't derive from GPL-licensed code and thus we
felt that it was worthwhile to address themes specifically.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask here or to send
questions to board at plone.org.

Jon Stahl
Plone Foundation Board of Directors

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