[Product-Developers] Error with portal_catalog and several documents with the same value

Noe Nieto nnieto at noenieto.com
Wed Jul 6 16:39:23 UTC 2011

I wrote a product that allows users to make a structure of folders, like

   - foo/
     - foo_frontpage
   - bar/
   - baz/

   - foo/
     - foo_frontpage
   - bar/
   - baz/

Ever after adding a second folder structure plone logs errors like this:

2011-07-05 22:00:59 ERROR Products.ZCatalog A different document with value
'b0ce8f76-60de-45b3-b536-42bc4d36ccf5' already exists in the index.'

I don't see the site crashing in spectacular ways, but will this have
negative impact in performance or in the site?

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