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Maurits van Rees m.van.rees at
Wed Mar 31 10:03:11 UTC 2010

Op 31-03-10 08:34, Nunner, Thomas schreef:
> Ok, I did the following:
> 1. Running buildout installing Poi 1.2.8
> 2. Start Zope and test Poi -->  works
> 3. Stop Zope
> 4. Adding your code to \buildout-cache\eggs\products.poi-1.2.8-py2.4.egg\Products\Poi\content\
> 5. Start Zope again -->  Zope starts, but the site cannot be viewed (see attachment for what is shown), even in the Zope management center I cannot view folders of my site (only text like in the attachment is shown)
> 6. Just removing the code from does not solve the problem, I have to delete  \buildout-cache\eggs\products.poi-1.2.8-py2.4.egg\Products\Poi and rerun buildout. Then every thing is ok again.
Okay, the traceback is not very clear in this case, but I conclude from 
it that something went wrong when starting up the zope instance.  'No 
traversable adapter found' at the beginning of the error indicates that 
something went wrong during processing of the zcml at zope startup, 
which can have several causes. In these cases it helps to start zope in 
the foreground (bin/instance fg).  When encountering errors, it quits, 
instead of continuing anyway which could result in strange tracebacks 
like you are seeing.

In this case, when doing 'bin/instance fg' I get a traceback ending in 
this:     SyntaxError: invalid syntax (, line 370).  In 
fact, the error is a missing closing parenthesis on line 368.  That line 
should read:



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