[Product-Developers] Re: Why don't I get full traceback with testbrowser test?

Suresh V. suresh_vv at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 30 06:25:41 UTC 2010

Mikko Ohtamaa wrote:
> Suresh V. wrote:
>> I am trying to create a Functional Testcase to demonstrate a Plone bug. 
>> But I am not seeing the full traceback from inside Plone code. Instead I 
>> see failure inside mechanize such as this:
> Try this:
> http://plonemanual.twinapex.fi/testing_and_debugging/functional_testing.html#functional-test-skeleton

Now that it worked, I am wondering if we can we try to catch the 
original exception? May be useful to write tests that check for an 
exception (Like Unauthorized). Or is there another way to do that?

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