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abang_chris straube.christian at gmail.com
Thu Mar 25 22:09:48 UTC 2010

Dear all,

I have a Plone 3 instance on a Windows Server 2003 system. As described
here: http://plone.org/documentation/kb/third-party-products/installing, I
downloaded the product (in my case:
http://plone.org/products/ploneboard/releases/2.0), extracted it and copied
the Ploneboard folder (including all subfolders and most important
__init__.py) to my parts\instance\Products folder (where a txt-file tells me
that this is the right folder to install additional products for plone).
Following the manual I restarted my Zope instance. So far so good.
Whenever I open my plone site now it is gone and I see endless code that is
too long to post it here. 

It starts with:
('No traversable adapter found', {u'content': [('version', '1.6'), ('mode',
'html'), ('setPosition', (109, 16)), ('setSourceFile',
('beginScope', {u'tal:define': u'show_border
context/@@plone/showEditableBorder', u'metal:define-macro': u'content',
u'tal:attributes': u"class
python:test(show_border,'documentEditable','')"}), ('setLocal',
(u'show_border', )), ('startTag', (u'div', [(u'metal:define-macro',
u'content', 'metal'), (u'tal:define', u'show_border
context/@@plone/showEditableBorder', 'tal'), (u'tal:attributes', u"class

And ends with:
<!--[('startTag', (u'metal:block', [(u'i18n:domain', u'plone', 'i18n')]))],
[('rawtextBeginScope', (u'\n\n ', 8, (188, 8), 0, {u'tal:replace':
u'structure provider:plone.portalfooter'})), ('optTag', (u'div', '', None,
1, [('startEndTag', (u'div', [(u'tal:replace', u'structure
provider:plone.portalfooter', 'tal')]))], [('insertStructure', (<StringExpr
u'plone.portalfooter'>, {}, []))])), ('endScope', ()), ('rawtextColumn',
(u'\n\n ', 6))])), ('endScope', ()), ('endI18nContext', ()),
('rawtextBeginScope', (u'\n\n <div class="visualClear"><!-- --></div>\n
</div>\n<div id="kss-spinner">', 22, (194, 22), 0, {u'alt': u'',
u'tal:attributes': u'src string:${portal_url}/spinner.gif'})),
('startEndTag', (u'img', [(u'tal:attributes', u'src
string:${portal_url}/spinner.gif', 'tal'), (u'alt', u'alt=""'), (u'src',
None, 'insert', <StringExpr u'${portal_url}/spinner.gif'>, False, None)])),
('endScope', ()), ('endScope', ()), ('endScope', ()), ('rawtextColumn',
(u'</div>\n</body>\n</html>\n', 0))])), ('endScope', ())]}))

There is a lot of stuff in between. Whenever I delete the Ploneboard folder
in parts\instance\Products my Plone site works perfectly again.

How am I supposed to install Ploneboard? What am I doing wrong?

Any help appreciated,
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