[Product-Developers] Google Summer of Code

Matthew Wilkes matt at matthewwilkes.name
Wed Mar 24 23:44:50 UTC 2010

Hello everyone,

As some of you will have heard, during the Cathedral/Tahoe sprints  
last week Plone was accepted as a mentoring organisation for Google  
Summer of Code 2010.  This means that for the fifth year we will be  
able to accept student proposals for projects.  We don't know how many  
students we will have yet, that depends on the applications we receive.

There are a few rôles involved in this programme, so if you aren't a  
student please scroll down.


Are you interested in a coding project using Plone for the summer?  If  
you are accepted you will receive a $5000 (USD) stipend for your  
work.  In addition, you will be provided a mentor who will help you  
through the process and the support of other members of the Plone  
community to help you write the best code you can.

We will expect you to put in the same amount of work as a full-time  
job but we are flexible.  You can work when you like and if you need  
some time off for whatever reason that won't be a problem.

In order to apply you'll need to have an idea for a project.  We have  
a list of suggestions at http://socghop.appspot.com/document/show/gsoc_org/google/gsoc2010/plone/ideas 
  but feel free to ask on the plone-developers mailing list for more  
information.  We very much welcome ideas not on that list, but please  
submit them early so we can give you feedback to improve your chances  
of being accepted.

In order to submit a proposal you'll need to create an account at http://socghop.appspot.com 
  - You'll be able to edit it as much as you like once it's submitted,  
so it's best to submit early and let us help you out with feedback  
rather than waiting until the last minute.


If you are active in the Plone community and would like to help a  
student get more integrated and learn about Open Source Software,  
please apply to be a mentor.  The web application is at http://socghop.appspot.com 
  - you need to make a mentoring application to the Plone Foundation.   
Once it's accepted you'll be able to fill in a profile.

You will be expected to be available to your student on a regular  
basis, but wether that's ad-hoc or set 'office hours' is your choice.   
You should have a good knowledge of the Plone codebase and have been  
to some Plone community events before.  The most important part of  
this is making the student feel at home in the community and ensuring  
they talk to the right people to get advice and help with their project.

In return, you'll get a shiny t-shirt from Google and the eternal  
thanks of the community.  It's very much a learning experience for  
mentors as well as students, so this will be useful for helping you  
train new hires and get them involved in the open source community.


If you have any questions please feel free to email plone-developers  
or me directly. I'd be happy to help out.  If you prefer to have a  
chat in real-time, I'm MatthewWilkes on IRC and can be found in #plone  
or #plone-soc.


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