[Product-Developers] Products.Collage + dexterity content types

Kees Hink hink at gw20e.com
Wed Mar 24 14:51:01 UTC 2010

Collage relies on UID's for its references. Currently, it's impossible to show
a view for a dexterity type in a collage.

Would it be feasible to create a dexterity-compatible branch (while maintaining
Archetypes compatibility)? Our thoughts about this are:
- depend on five.intid to provide the unique identifiers;
- use these intid's in existingItems.py and existing_items_form.pt;
- patch the CollageAlias class's getTarget method;

The custom content type would have to have its intid's catalog'ed, a new
dexterity behaviour could be created for this.

The hardest problem seems to be the place to store this relationship. Plone's
reference catalog ('/reference_catalog') currently only has indexes for UID's.

Any thoughts?


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