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Mirto Silvio Busico mirtosilvio.busico at fastwebnet.it
Wed Mar 24 10:25:34 UTC 2010

Raphael Ritz ha scritto:
> Mirto Silvio Busico wrote:
>> Hi all,
> Hi Mirto,
Hi Raphael,
>> I'm trying to create a custom view for a content type derived from 
>> atfolder.
> Hope you solved this in the meantime
> but if not and for the archive ...
Thanks a lot for your reply,
Yes, in the meantime I solved this; but, for the history I'll write 
below how I have done it.
>> How can I put in the .pt file the data relative to the items 
>> contained in the folder?
>> I looked at http://plone.org/documentation/manual/developer-manual 
>> but I was not able to find what I need.
>> I tried to find the base_view.pt (well this was the name in plone 2.5 
>> days) for atfolder between the plone eggs; but I found nothing. 
>> Probably it changed name and egg.
> 'base_view' should still be around in the
> 'archetypes' skin layer (code base:
> the Product.Archetypes egg, portal_skins
> in ZMI) and it should be the default view
> for all AT-based content types (though I have
> to admit that I have no idea whether AGX messes
> with that).
> base_view in turn pulls in a bunch of macros:
> header, body, folderlisting, footer (or so) which
> can selectively be overridden on type basis (the
> <portaltype>_view.pt way as pointed out).
> If you do not see a folderlisting part for your type
> I would start by checking the conditions used by the
> folderlisting macro in your context.
> BTW: what do you get when you just append '/base_view'
> to the URL of an instance of your custom type?
> See http://www.zopyx.de/downloads/documentation/mysite.pdf/view
> and there in particular the 'Views' subsection in
> 'Basic customization' section of the 'Customizing
> Archetypes' chapter.
Thanks. I'll look at this asap.
> Raphael

[... how I solved ....]

To be clear, I'll use the real paths I have on my machine; but these 
paths can be different on other installations.

I installed PLone 3.3.4 in /usr/local/plone334 with unified installer 
(zeo version)

The in the src directory I created a product named Products.gas3 
(Products is needed for archgenxml)
dir: /usr/local/plone334/zeocluster/src
create with ../bin/paster create -t archetype giving namespace 
"Products" and package "gas3"

In the dir /usr/local/plone334/zeocluster/src/Products.gas3/Products 
create an UML file gas3.zargo (I used argouml)

In the UML

    * create a class gas3collection (stereotype <<atfolder>>) [well, my
      diagram is more complex but for solving the problem this suffice]
    * in this class set the tagged values for "base_view" and
      "immediate_view" to "g3_coll_view"
    * create a package named "browser"
    * in this package create a class "g3_coll_view" with stereotype
    * link this class with the class "gas3collection" with a
      "dependence" arrow (dotted line arrow and the arrow pointing to

Now generate the the code with archgenxml

in the dir 
edit the file g3_coll_view.py

Add the lines
##code-section module-header #fill in your manual code here
from plone.app.layout.globals.interfaces import IViewView
from zope.interface import implements, Interface

class Ig3_coll_view(Interface):
g3_coll_view view interface

def test():
""" test method"""

##/code-section module-header

and in the class definition add the "implements" line
class g3_coll_view(BrowserView):

##code-section class-header_g3_coll_view #fill in your manual code here
implements(Ig3_coll_view, IViewView)
##/code-section class-header_g3_coll_view

At this point edit the g3_coll_view.pt file in 
adding the content to the div:
<div metal:fill-slot="main">

I took the code from

ATTENTION: drop any reference to the "python:test" instruction: this 
causes a runtime error in this framework but still works in Plone framework.
Drop lines 40-42
tal:attributes="class python:test(here.Format() in ('text/structured',
'text/x-rst', ), 'stx' + kss_class, 'plain' + kss_class)">
Drop line 82
tal:attributes="class python:test(oddrow, 'even', 'odd')">

After this the custom view shows correctly.

launchpad bug about python:test
Getting the Add… Menu in your custom browser views (content actions):

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