[Product-Developers] Re: Re: unit test on Plone 4.0b1

Wichert Akkerman wichert at wiggy.net
Sat Mar 20 15:19:23 UTC 2010

On 3/20/10 15:33 , Derek Broughton wrote:
> Wichert Akkerman wrote:
>> On 3/20/10 14:02 , leejason wrote:
>>> BTW, I just tried the following in buildout.cfg:
>>> [test]
>>> recipe = zc.recipe.testrunner
>>> eggs =
>>>       Products.PressRoom
>>> and found errors as below. It seems to me the root cause might be the
>>> same as how to have "all the dependencies pulled in properly." Can
>>> anybody shed some light? Thanks in advance.
>>> Test-module import failures:
>>> Module: Products.PressRoom.tests.testFolderUpgrade
>>> Traceback (most recent call last):
>>>     File
>>> "d:\server\plone4a3\eggs\products.pressroom-3.3-
> py2.6.egg\Products\PressRoom\__init__.py",
>>> line 1, in<module>
>>>       from Products.CMFCore import utils, DirectoryView
>>> ImportError: No module named CMFCore
>> This looks like a bug in Products.PressRoom: it apparently does not
>> declare a dependency on Products.CMFCore. In Plone 3 that is not very
>> problematic, but for Plone 4 with a separate testrunner these kinds of
>> bugs suddenly become visible.
> Thanks for this discussion - I'm loathe to even test Plone4 at the moment
> because I don't know enough about this sort of change.
> Surely, though, dependencies on something like CMFCore should be fulfilled
> by declaring the dependency on Plone.

They are, but you should never rely on that: Plone might be modified to 
not use CMFCore anymore itself, and your package would suddenly break. 
For Plone and CMFCore that is not very likely short term, but in general 
you should never rely on indirect dependencies. They *will* hurt you at 
some point.


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