[Product-Developers] Re: Howto create a page template for a folderish archetype content type?

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Sat Mar 13 08:01:48 UTC 2010

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Mirto Silvio Busico wrote:
> Hi Andeas, Mikko and Derek, first of all, thanks for your
> attention.
> I tried to do a question as simple as possible; but seems that I
> was not able to explain myself. Below my comment and a long
> explanation of my situation :-[
> Derek Broughton ha scritto:
>> Mirto Silvio Busico wrote:
>>> Hi all, I'm trying to create a custom view for a content type
>>> derived from atfolder.
>>> How can I put in the .pt file the data relative to the items
>>> contained in the folder?
>>> I looked at
>>> http://plone.org/documentation/manual/developer-manual but I
>>> was not able to find what I need.
>>> I tried to find the base_view.pt (well this was the name in
>>> plone 2.5 days) for atfolder between the plone eggs; but I
>>> found nothing. Probably it changed name and egg.
>> You poor people stuck on Windows :-)
> Fine! :-)    But I can reply with: You poor young men stuck on
> Linux; be kind with an old man that comes from the Unix world and
> worked on Unix System V on  a AT&T 3B2 (
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3B_series_computers  ) and  Digital
> Ultrix 32  (  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultrix ) :-)
> Seriously, see my explanation below.
>> $ locate base_view.pt
>> /home/derek/plone/eggs/Products.Archetypes-1.5.10-
>> py2.4.egg/Products/Archetypes/skins/archetypes/base_view.pt
>> That said, I'm not certain base_view _is_ the base template for
>> a folder.  It looks like folder_listing to me:
>> $ locate *folder*.pt
>>  /home/derek/plone/eggs/Plone-3.2.1-
>> py2.4.egg/Products/CMFPlone/skins/plone_content/folder_listing.pt
Of course you don't need to completely replace the view - drop a
>> template in your skins template directory, named "name_view.pt",
>> where 'name' is the lower case name of the content type, and
>> just override the slots or macros you need.
> In the old Plone 2.5 days I put in production a system that
> required the development of a complete Plone theme ad a add-on
> product. The system is a management interface for developers and
> administrators that controls a lot of subversion repositories (
> http://subversion.tigris.org/ ).
> The system is still working; but I was asked to update the system
> to the latest versions of subversion and Plone.
> And here begun my troubles. I had to master a lot of technologies e
> new methods of doing things.
> First: the damned (until you master it) buildout technology.
> Second: (due to the necessity of the same look and feel of other
> components: static Apache pages, WebSvn) I had to master
> deliverance.
> Third: decide if develop for Plone 3 or wait for Plone 4, that
> changes again the development method. If you looked frequently to
> the Plone roadmap, you shoud have seen that one day it stated that
> it will be release in 4 hours; now it states 7 weeks
> At last I decided to start with plone 3 because I had already
> working the chain apache - varnish - deliverance - pound - (2 zope
> instances with plone) - zeo
> Now I have only to migrate my product.
> Well, I use ArgoUMl and Archgenxml. So I had to master how to
> create a plone app with paster, to create the structure, and then
> use AGX to create the product.
> When (with help from this list) I finally figured out how to
> create the custom view for the folderish component of my product,
> I discovered that in Plone 2.5  the tal macro: <div
> metal:fill-slot="main"> <div metal:define-macro="body"
> tal:omit-tag=""> ... </div> </div>
> permitted to show the folder schema fields and then the folder
> items were automagically added
> With Plone 3.3.4 this is not done and no folder items are
> displayed.
> This is the reason I asked how to do this.
> Regarding the Plone manuals I found them confusing. Certainly if
> I'll read all the manuals from start to finish I'll find the
> answers; but I have not the time. So I need some howto and/or
> examples to complete the product release. And I know that after
> I'll release this framework, I'll have to start again to master
> Plone 4 in order to maintain and upgrade my product.
> Hope this clarified my situation. Please tell me if you know how
> to accomplish this migration.
I read and tried to understand this lamentation twice but I still have
no idea what your
real problem is? What is the problem following my advice and using
getFolderContents() for getting
hold of what you need? Yes, you have to adjust code over time -
especially between major released.
So please describe carefully what you have and what you need...writing
a folder listing or something
related - either as a browser view or as "classis" template in
portal_skins requires almost
the same code and same functionality..please what is your real problem.

- -aj

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