[Product-Developers] p4a.subtyper with multiple Plone sites in a Zope instance

Matt Yoder mattyoder at groundwire.org
Fri Mar 12 19:22:33 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I'd like to start using p4a.plonecalendar, but I've run into an issue where
Subtyper show up in all Plone sites in the Zope instance regardless of
whether Plone4Artists calendar in installed.  I'm wondering whether anyone
is working on this issue, and, if not, whether it would be alright for me to
work on a fix.  (My idea is to register the subtypes adapter locally during
the install process instead of in global ZCML.)

Matt Yoder

Matt Yoder
Project Associate
mattyoder at groundwire.org

ONE/Northwest is now Groundwire!

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