[Product-Developers] archgenxml: how to create a custom view?[resuming an old thread]

Roijen, Bas bas.roijen at cofely-gdfsuez.nl
Thu Mar 11 12:16:49 UTC 2010

Set the tagged value "default_view" on your contenttype class to the
name of the custum view you created.

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Onderwerp: [Product-Developers] archgenxml: how to create a custom
view?[resuming an old thread]

Hi all,
after a long period, I started again to try to develop (really it is a
Plone 2.5 migration) a product for Plone 3.3.4

The last time I asked the list I received the message below; but I'm
still confused.

I read the agx docs at
but I cannot figure out how to create a custom view.
I added a "browser" module with inside a class with "<<view_class>>
stereotype but I don't know how to correlate this class with the one
that should have this custom view.

Searching and googling gives a lot of links to obsolete agx 1
documentation and I was not able to find any link relevant to my

Please, can anyone point me to the rigth documentation?
BTW anyone have a demo zargo file related to a product with custom


================== old thread
Kees Hink ha scritto:
> If you add a 'MyView' object with a '<<view_class>>' stereotype in 
> your UML's 'browser' module, AGX will generate 'browser/MyView.py' and

> 'browser/templates/MyView.pt' for you.
> Mirto Silvio Busico wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm developing a product with archgenxml, but I'm a little confused.
>> I've defined some classes and now I'm trying to define custom views.
>> In the old plone 2.5 days I defined a method for the class with the 
>> archetype <<view>> and put a pt file named as the method name in the 
>> skin/product directory.
>> Now archgenxml says <<view>> is deprecated.
>> I tried a method with the archetype <<action>> and the tag "view" 
>> with value "view", but I only obtained an action tab with the method 
>> name and no placeholder pt.
>> How can I define custom views?
>> Thanks
>>    Mirto
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