[Product-Developers] Re: Review of a branch that should make CMFEditions and collective.indexing work together peacefully

Andreas Zeidler az at zitc.de
Wed Feb 24 13:09:55 UTC 2010

On 22.02.10 16:54, Patrick Gerken wrote:
> Hi,

hi patrick,

> I have created a test case and a change in behavior that fixes the issue.
> Instead of comparing the modified date of new and old object, I check for the
> _p_changed attribute. That is a rather drastic change but adding an
> assertion in
> the change to compare old modification check vs new modification check
> showed that both yield the same results in all test cases when used without
> collective.indexing.

great.  could you please elaborate a bit more on what the problem was
here, though?

> I would be rather grateful if somebody with a bit of
> collective.indexing knowledge could have
> a look at it, maybe there is a better way than the one I implemented.
> My changes are in the do3cc_collective.indexing branch.

i can have a look on friday, but i'm not sure i'm on top of the
CMFEditions part.  i'm cc'ing alec in the hope he might be able to join
the tuneup? :)



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