[Product-Developers] Review of a branch that should make CMFEditions and collective.indexing work together peacefully

Patrick Gerken do3ccqrv at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 22 15:54:05 UTC 2010


we ran into trouble on a plone site using both collective.indexing and
Products.CMFEditions, both
latest versions. The changes done by collective.indexing falsify some
done by Products.CMFEditions.

I have created a test case and a change in behavior that fixes the issue.
Instead of comparing the modified date of new and old object, I check for the
_p_changed attribute. That is a rather drastic change but adding an
assertion in
the change to compare old modification check vs new modification check
showed that both yield the same results in all test cases when used without

I would be rather grateful if somebody with a bit of
collective.indexing knowledge could have
a look at it, maybe there is a better way than the one I implemented.
My changes are in the do3cc_collective.indexing branch.

Regardless of that we are going to deploy that on our customer test
system. But I prefer
to use default pypi eggs.

Best regards,


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