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Thu Feb 18 06:07:03 UTC 2010

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msmith64 at naz.edu wrote:
> We have Ad Astra (an enterprise calendaring system) running off an
> MS SQL Server db. When a user marks an event in Astra as "featured"
> we're supposed to create a copy of that event in Plone as an Event
> instance. The Astra DB is large and busy enough that I don't want
> to execute unnecessary queries against it. In order to avoid
> polling, I would prefer to push the data from MSSQL on a trigger,
> but I only know how to write triggers that execute SQL on an ODBC
> connection.
> OK, so down to brass tacks: 1. If SQL were the only option, is
> there any way to translate SQL into something Zope can understand?
> (Like a reverse-ORM, if you will) 2. If a simple SQL push is not an
> option, how might you suggest going about this? (keeping in mind
> the need to have as few MS SQL connections and queries as
> possible)
That's a pretty strange and weird idea. Put your data into the RDBMS
and let Zope pull out new information
itself out of the database ...that's the way to go.

- -aj
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