[Product-Developers] MS SQL push to Zope

msmith64 at naz.edu msmith64 at naz.edu
Thu Feb 18 02:23:54 UTC 2010

We have Ad Astra (an enterprise calendaring system) running off an MS SQL Server db. When a user marks an event in Astra as "featured" we're supposed to create a copy of that event in Plone as an Event instance. The Astra DB is large and busy enough that I don't want to execute unnecessary queries against it. In order to avoid polling, I would prefer to push the data from MSSQL on a trigger, but I only know how to write triggers that execute SQL on an ODBC connection.

OK, so down to brass tacks:
1. If SQL were the only option, is there any way to translate SQL into something Zope can understand? (Like a reverse-ORM, if you will)
2. If a simple SQL push is not an option, how might you suggest going about this? (keeping in mind the need to have as few MS SQL connections and queries as possible)

Best wishes,
Michael A. Smith
Web & Digital / Academic Technologies Manager
Nazareth College

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