[Product-Developers] Re: collective.transmogrifier csvsource improvement

Martin Aspeli optilude+lists at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 15:54:58 UTC 2010

toutpt wrote:

> I would like to use csvsource section from collective.transmogrifier but I
> can't. My use case is simple, I want to initialize my folder site structure
> using transmogrifier + a csvfile in a profile like I was doing with
> csvreplicata in the past.
> So I had my policy with a default profile that embed the csv, but I can't
> make a reference to it in my transmogrifier configuration file because it's
> waiting for an absolute path. Yes this section use a simple "file_ =
> open(options['filename'], 'r')". For sure I have already try with a related
> path but the context is not the current configuration file.

It'll probably be whatever directory was current when you started Zope.

> transmogrifier has a utils.resolvePackageReference which support a
> my.package:path/to/file syntax to make reference to a file embed in a python
> package. I would like to use this in csvsource section filename option, but
> it will brake already existing configuration.

Nah. :)

Use collective.transmogrifier from trunk, and you'll see this is already 
implemented. I've just been lazy in making a new release as I promised MJ.


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