[Product-Developers] Re: Transmogrifier and portal_catalog indexing

Martin Aspeli optilude+lists at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 09:21:29 UTC 2010

toutpt wrote:
> Sure ! It takes me 10 minutes to code one simple reindexObject section if
> found a pathkey.
> -1 for the clear and rebuild. I'm using transmogrifier to import archives
> content. I have already content in my website.

It's not a -1/+1 thing. I'm just saying that for some scenarios, doing 
this (manually) is going to be better than doing the indexing on every 
imported item.

> What is the best place for a reindex section ? plone.app.transmogrifier ?
> transmogrify.reindex ? collective.transmogrifier ?

plone.app.transmogrifier, although a transmogrify.reindex would be OK too.


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