[Product-Developers] [ANN] plone.org like Sphinx theme

Gilles Lenfant gilles.lenfant at alterway.fr
Sun Apr 11 16:15:25 UTC 2010


I'm one of the contributors to the (still at work) french Plone manuals hosted by my fellows from Ecréall. These manuals are built with the (now) usual and nice Sphinx that has been skinned the crappy way.

As we need to build multiple Sphinx (integrator, developer, the end user) I decided to extract the theming stuffs from that Sphinx and made  a reusable Sphinx theme as described in http://sphinx.pocoo.org/theming.html#creating-themes

This theme is available to any lazy doc writer who wants a Sphinx that looks like plone.org. More here...


Any contribution to improve that theme is welcome.

Gilles Lenfant

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