[Product-Developers] Reminder - Google Summer of Code

Matthew Wilkes matt at matthewwilkes.name
Wed Apr 7 00:42:21 UTC 2010

Hello all,

This is a reminder that Google Summer of Code applications are due in  
a few days.  We've not had as many as this time last year so if you're  
thinking of applying I very much recommend it – your chances are good.

 From http://plone.org/events/summer-of-code/2010/summer-of-code-positions-available:

If you're a student interested in being paid $5000 (USD) to spend your  
summer working on improving Plone you're encouraged to apply to Google  
Summer of Code. In addition to the funding provided by Google you'll  
be assigned a mentor to get you involved in core development and  
ensure you get the help you need to complete your project.

In order to apply you need to propose a project and have it accepted.  
There are some examples of projects that we'd like to see on the Plone  
section of the summer of code website if you need some inspiration.  
Whether you decide to apply for one of the projects on that list or  
your own idea we're very happy to give you feedback and you can  
continue improving your proposal even after the application deadline.

You can also get feedback on your ideas via the normal Plone mailing  
lists and IRC by asking in #plone but ensure you submit the an  
application well in advance of the deadline, even if it's a draft.

Hope to hear from you soon,


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