AW: [Product-Developers] Re: POI Email notification

Maurits van Rees m.van.rees at
Tue Apr 6 12:25:49 UTC 2010

Op 06-04-10 13:51, Nunner, Thomas schreef:
> Dear Maurits,
> finally Poi with your new code is running. It is doing exactly what I want, after an issue is created (only the responsible manager is notified via email). But during the creation of an issue, still all the track managers are notified via email). Also in this case only the responsible manager should be notified via email. I already tried to modify the code but without any success.
During creation of an issue there normally is no responsible manager 
yet.  (Well, when a manager creates the issue he can set a responsible 
manager.)  The code I gave tries to get the responsible manager and if 
no manager has been set, all managers get an email.


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