[Product-Developers] deliverance: how to use regex in path?

Mirto Silvio Busico mirtosilvio.busico at fastwebnet.it
Wed Sep 30 08:06:45 UTC 2009

Hi all,
I'm trying to use two plone sites behind deliverance.

I'm using regex in the path of the proxy directive, but it doesn't work 
as I expect. So I suppose that I'm using it in the wrong mode.

The plone sites live in "http://locahost:4180/base3" and 

The deliverance (serving on port 4170) proxy statements are:

  <proxy path="regex:^/base3" class="plone-msb-base">

  <proxy path="regex:^/intonso" class="plone-msbtema1" rewrite-links="1">

And these are the results for the various links:

http://localhost:4170/base3/               works correctly
http://localhost:4170/base3/intonso    ERROR goes to 
"http://locahost:4180/intonso" with base3 class: I expected a 404 page 
not found
http://localhost:4170/intonso/            works correctly
http://localhost:4170/intonso/base3   ERROR goes to 
"http://locahost:4180/base3" with intonso class: I expected a 404 page 
not found

In my mind "regex:^/base3" should mean: "a path that starts with /base3" 
so "/base3/something" matches and "someting/base3" doesn't match.
If it is so, "/base3/intonso" should match the first rule and should be 
proxied to  "http://locahost:4180/base3" that doesn' have an "intonso" page.

What I'm doing wrong?


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