[Product-Developers] TinyMCE behind deliverance

Carsten Senger senger at rehfisch.de
Fri Sep 25 12:49:22 UTC 2009

Hi Mirto,

--On Freitag, September 25, 2009 12:29:18 +0200 Mirto Silvio Busico
<mirtosilvio.busico at fastwebnet.it> wrote:


>> <match path="regex:^/portal_javascripts/.*" abort="1" />  <!-- TinyMCE
>> -->
>> (<http://dev.plone.org/collective/browser/gnomeweb-plone/buildout/trunk/
>> rules.xml>)
> If I understand correctly, this should drop everything that contains with
> "portal_javascripts", bu I'm confused: in the head of the deliverance
> converted page I see
> <script
> src="http://plone.msb.net:4170/intonso1/portal_javascripts/Plone%20Defaul
> t/jquery-cachekey4676.js" type="text/javascript">
> so it seems that the match did'n work.

That's how it should be so far. The page you requested does not have the
url */portal_javascripts/*,
and the rule is written to match the url of the page you requested, not a
tag inside it's html code. So if you request
http://your.plone.site/whatever, the rule does not match.

It only matches if you request
When TinyMCE opens a popup (or at least did in the version I wrote the rule
for), it requests a url similar to
The rule causes that deliverance aborts for this and leaves those files

Do the popups work like expected now?

I don't know why if they don't. You can use the firefox extention "Live
HTTP headers" to log which requests firefox makes and see where TinyMCE
requests the popup contents from.

>> The popup I've looked at also had an id like "plone-popup". Something
>> like
>> that should be used for all popups to make styling/rules easy.
>> ..Carsten
> I'm not able to determine the popup id (I didn't found "plone-popup" id,
> only a "plonepopup" class.
> In your rules.xml file I was not able to find any rule related to
> "plone-popup"

Than it was a class. I did not use it, it was just my second option to
write a rule based on this class. But I used the <match> rule instead.


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