[Product-Developers] collective.indexing and double entries in the catalog

Maurits van Rees m.van.rees at zestsoftware.nl
Wed Sep 23 12:43:17 UTC 2009


I have a problem with collective.indexing in combination with the
membrane and remember products.  This is with Plone 3.3.1,
collective.indexing 1.1 and Products.membrane trunk and
Products.remember trunk.  I cannot reproduce it with only those
products though, so there may be something fishy in a custom product
for the client.

BTW, Products.membrane trunk depends on collective.indexing.

The problem I have is that after adding a few remember objects and
then doing a clear and rebuild of the membrane_tool catalog, there is
one member object that has *two* catalog brains.  This means that this
user now cannot login.  And an admin gets an error when looking at
portal_memberdata in the Plone UI.  Clear and rebuild the
membrane_tool catalog again and usually a different member has this

BTW, I do not notice anything wrong in the portal_catalog.

Has anyone seen this before?  Got a solution?

Well, one solution that works for me is to uninstall
collective.indexing in the quick installer.  Then I do not have double
catalog entries.  But I am then missing catalog brains for the
client-specific Group content type which used to be there.  So that
does not sound like the best solution.

I actually see now that if I go to the Indexing Settings in the Site
Setup and switch off one or both of the 'Active' or 'Auto-flush queue'
settings, the problem goes away.  Sounds like the cleanest and easiest

Some general collective.indexing questions:

Does it still make sense to use collective.indexing when one of these
options is switched off?

Does it make sense to switch off one and not the other?

I'll do a small bit of benchmarking on this project to see which
option seems best.  It kind of sounds like using the auto flush queue
makes no sense when optimized indexing is not active as I guess there
is not actually a queue then...

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