[Product-Developers] Re: Registration for dev.plone.org

Alex Clark aclark at aclark.net
Sat Sep 19 01:07:21 UTC 2009

On 2009-09-18, Christian Thieme <christian.thieme at arcor.de> wrote:
> Oh no, now im personally trapped in a deadlock. I cannot login to 
> dev.plone.org and the problem can only be solved after i login to 
> dev.plone.org and file a ticket.
> Perhaps i should leave this software programming thing and do something 
> less dangerous before it gets worse. Race conditions.

You don't need an account to create a new ticket. Anyway, should be fixed now.

> Regards
> Christian
> Alex Clark schrieb:
>> Hi Christian,
>> Sorry about that! Please open a ticket here: https://dev.plone.org/plone.org
>> I think there are some ongoing LDAP issues we are trying to resolve.
>> Alex
>> On 2009-09-17, Christian Thieme <christian.thieme at arcor.de> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Last week i registered on plone.org since i wanted access to
>>> dev.plone.org. While the login on plone.org works, dev.plone.org doesnt
>>> accept my username/password. 
>>> I already posted this on the Plone IRC Channel and to the plone website
>>> mailing list but until now i received no replies to that.
>>> Regards,
>>> Christian

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