[Product-Developers] Showing personal tools?

Sensei senseiwa at gmail.com
Wed Sep 16 16:46:20 UTC 2009

Excuse me if this is the wrong place, I am dubious between this  
mailing list and the UI one. Sorry!

I am modifying a product, the heddex.tranquillity theme, trying to  
make the personal tool appear. I am a complete newbie, but I succeeded  
in modifying footers and other parts using TAL via the ZMI, but this  
is really beyond my (little!) knowledge. I have read how to hide  
personal tools, but I didn't find how to show it, if hidden somehow...  
I am surely missing something, I know!

This is the personaltool.pt file in /Plone/portal_view_customizations/ 
zope.interface.interface-personaltools.pt, but I don't know how to  
really read it. (it is unmodified, I didn't touch it, as you can see)

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Any help is greatly  


<dl class="portlet" id="portlet-personaltools" i18n:domain="plone">

     <dt class="portletHeader">
         <span class="portletTopLeft"><!-- --></span>
         <span class="tile"
               i18n:translate="heading_personal_tools">Personal tools</ 
         <span class="portletTopRight"><!-- --></span>

     <dd class="portletItem even">
        <a id="user-name"
           tal:attributes="href view/homelink_url"
           ><span class="visualCaseSensitive"

     <tal:actions tal:repeat="action view/user_actions">
     <dd class="portletItem"
         tal:define="oddrow repeat/action/odd"
         tal:attributes="class python:oddrow and 'portletItem even' or  
'portletItem odd'">
         <div tal:define="icon python:view.getIconFor(action 
['category'], action['id'], None);
                          class_name string:visualIcon actionicon-$ 
                          class_name python:icon is not None and  
class_name or nothing;"
             tal:attributes="class class_name">
             <a href=""
                tal:attributes="href action/url;
                                class python:icon is not None and  
'visualIconPadding' or nothing;"
             ><tal:actionname i18n:translate=""

     <dt class="portletFooter">
         <span class="portletBottomLeft"><!-- --></span>
         <span class="portletBottomRight"><!-- --></span>

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