[Product-Developers] Re: Group Dashboard landing page

Martin Aspeli optilude+lists at gmail.com
Mon Sep 7 12:19:13 UTC 2009

Dylan Jay wrote:
> We're about to embark on creating a site with one main landing page  
> that will contain grid with a lot of links and small forms off to  
> external sites. We'd like to have this "dashboard" be personalised  
> based on group membership such that members of group A see a slightly  
> different set of "tiles" than group B even though it's still the same  
> landing page.
> At the moment I'm going to go with using
> collective.collage.portlets
> ---------------------------------
> + It lets me use content objects with their existing sharing  
> permissions to determine what to display
> - UI is a little confusing
> + Flexible enough to support several layouts.
> Just wondering if anyone can anything to my evaluation, or any gotchas  
> I haven't thought of?

Does this support per-group portlets, or do you need a collage page per 

> I've also looked at
> Inbuilt Plone personal Dashboard
> --------------------------------------------
> - doesn't support group level portlets
> + layout is ok

If you install collective.groupdashboard (being merged into Plone 4) you 
can assign per-group portlets to the dashboard (including the 
AuthenticatedUsers pseudo-group).

> collective.portletpage
> ----------------------------
>   - just 4 slots in main content - not grid like enough.
>   - groups would each have to have their own page - no personalisation  
> on portets themselves.
>   + UI is easy

It's not hard to add new portlet managers (slots) if you need it. Just 
use portlets.xml + a custom template that shows the new manager.

> Products.ContentWellPortlets
> ---------------------------------------
> - Not flexible layout. Not grid like

For both this and collective.portletpage you can customise a template to 
get a different layout.


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