[Product-Developers] Products.TinyMCE french translation

Jean-Michel FRANCOIS jeanmichel.francois at makina-corpus.com
Fri Sep 4 20:36:57 UTC 2009


I have added french translation to Products.TinyMCE trunk. It was kinda
boring but it's done. If some french around want to check my work I
would be glade to be reviewed.

I have some strange issues and remarks to do:

>From interfaces/utility.py line 407:
        vocabulary=SimpleVocabulary([SimpleTerm('named', 'Named'),
SimpleTerm('numeric', 'Numeric'), SimpleTerm('raw', 'Raw')]),
Means that terms can not be translated, isn't it ?
Every language under locales use tinymce.po as "tinymce" is the domain.
But the template is only for "plone.tinymce" domain. I don't understand.
Do the first has to be deleted ?
My last question is more a newb question about the i18n machinery. Why
is the *.mo files are versionned ? As far as I know, Plone build the mo
files when zope is starting up.

Jean-Michel FRANCOIS

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