[Product-Developers] Questions regarding GS upgradeStep

Francois Barriere francois.barriere at atmel.com
Fri Sep 4 13:15:29 UTC 2009


   In my product I have added new lines to the diff_tool.xml file
(under profiles/default), plus some fixes. I then registered an
upgradeStep with the following configure.zcml snippet:

		title="Upgrade ATMEL.policy product"
		description="ATMEL.policy product migration/upgrade steps"

The source is "*" as there was no previous upgrade step, I have a handler that
does various fixes using Python code and defined the profile.

When upgrading the Python code is executed by the regular import steps are
not (the changes in profles/default/diff_tool.xml) are not reflected.
I thought the upgrade would re-run the import steps of the profile...

Am I wrong? Should I force the import step from my Python code?
In this case, what is the use of the "profile" attibute of the


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