[Product-Developers] Need Help with External Method

Mark Phillips mark at phillipsmarketing.biz
Tue Sep 1 14:38:55 UTC 2009

I have Plone-2.5.5 installed with as a zeocluster. I created two sites, one
ahs and one ahs_dev. Each one has a separate data.fs file in separate
directories. Each site has identical products. I added a python script to
the Extensions directory under client1, client2, and skel. I am able to add
the script as an external method in the ahs site and it works. When I try to
add the same script as an external method in the ahs_dev site, I get a 404
Error - object not found. Why can't I add the external method to the second
site? I even tried renaming the script and I still cannot add an external
method to the second site. What am I doing wrong? Everything else works in
the ahs_dev site.


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