[Product-Developers] Re: PIL error when using effective-user on Ubuntu Hardy

Derek Broughton derek at pointerstop.ca
Tue Sep 1 00:25:16 UTC 2009

Mikko Ohtamaa wrote:

>> Starting Plone via 'bin/instance fg' as a normal unprivileged user works
>> just fine. However, switching to production mode (chowning parts+var to
>> www-data, starting as root, effective-user=www-data) gives a strange
>> exception on PIL:
>> ImportError: No module named misc.lock_file
> This is just a guess, but could buildout featch, compile and store a
> custom PIL somewhere where effective-user does not have access
> (/root/.buildoutcache)? Ubuntu might try to fall back to different, system
> wide PIL version, which is incompatible version.

Good guess, because www-data, by design, has very limited access to anything 
on an Ubuntu system.  I would think you need to chown much more than just 
parts and var (my systems all have the entire buildout tree owned by the 

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