[Product-Developers] Re: Re: Wrong available version shown in portal_quickinstaller in moved Plone install

Wichert Akkerman wichert at wiggy.net
Tue May 19 12:54:40 UTC 2009

Previously Derek Broughton wrote:
> Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> > Profile/configuration versions are supposed to be in metadata.xml, and
> > should only be updated if the configuration changes. The package version
> > should most definitely not be in metadata.xml.
> Clearly I've misunderstood, then, but this sounds like a recipe for major 
> confusion to me.  Why would you want two version numbers?  Why should it be 
> wrong for the metadata version to increment even if configuration doesn't 
> change?  And the biggie is why does Zope actually tell you that version.txt 
> is the wrong place for a version number (I don't have the actual message, as 
> I seem miraculously to not have any packages without a metadata version, 
> now).

We are actually improving the situation. Right now in Plone 3.x you can
have three different version numbers: the package version in setup.py,
the Zope product version in version.txt and the GenericSetup profile
version in metadata.xml. This created a confusing mix, which was not
helped by Plone itself getting some concepts wrong.

As of Plone 3.3 you only have two versions: the package version as
defined in setup.py (with a fallback to version.txt for old-style
products that are not shipped as packages) and the profile version in
metadata.xml. There was a big discussion about the relevance of having
separate versions for the code and the configuration on the
plone-developers list. If you are interested in the rational I'ld
encourage you to browse through the mailinglist archives.


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