[Product-Developers] Re: Re: Wrong available version shown in portal_quickinstaller in moved Plone install

Derek Broughton derek at pointerstop.ca
Thu May 14 22:11:07 UTC 2009

Wichert Akkerman wrote:

> Profile/configuration versions are supposed to be in metadata.xml, and
> should only be updated if the configuration changes. The package version
> should most definitely not be in metadata.xml.

Clearly I've misunderstood, then, but this sounds like a recipe for major 
confusion to me.  Why would you want two version numbers?  Why should it be 
wrong for the metadata version to increment even if configuration doesn't 
change?  And the biggie is why does Zope actually tell you that version.txt 
is the wrong place for a version number (I don't have the actual message, as 
I seem miraculously to not have any packages without a metadata version, 
> Plone 3.3 will not use metadata.xml at all to determine the package
> version. Instead if will look at the package version as defined in
> setup.py with a fallback to version.txt.

_Having_ to maintain two different version numbers seems horribly wrong.

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