[Product-Developers] Traversing to an object like the publisher does

Jan Hackel plonecode at hackel.name
Fri May 15 10:23:54 UTC 2009

On Thursday 14 May 2009 Jan Hackel wrote:
> >> I need to write a test that essentially needs to traverse to an
> >> operation like the following tal-expression would:
> >>
> >> tal:condition="context/@@plone_context_state/is_view_template"
> >
> >context.restrictedTraverse('@@plone_context_state').is_view_template()
> >
> >Hedley
> Well, thanks! While I am pretty sure I tried that, it now works...

I was a bit to fast with celebrations. The problem with "restrictedTraverse" 
is that it will not trigger registered IPublishTraverse adapters. I need those 
however. Any other suggestions?

Jan Hackel

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