[Product-Developers] Re: Wrong available version shown in portal_quickinstaller in moved Plone install

Wichert Akkerman wichert at wiggy.net
Thu May 14 15:44:35 UTC 2009

Previously Derek Broughton wrote:
> Daniel Holth wrote:
> > For a few months now I've been seeing the wrong available version in
> > Plone 3.2.2's portal_quickinstaller for CacheSetup and a couple of
> > internal products. The QuickInstallerTool version 2.1.6 is able to
> > find the version if it's in profiles/default/metadata.xml but it can't
> > find it if it's in version.txt ; obviously I'd prefer to only have
> > version.txt because it's easier to suck that into setup.py and so
> > forth.
> Yes, it is - insofar as there's nothing else _in_ version.txt, but aiui it's 
> just plain wrong, now. Versions are supposed to be in metadata.xml, and zope 
> complains if it only finds version.txt.

Profile/configuration versions are supposed to be in metadata.xml, and
should only be updated if the configuration changes. The package version
should most definitely not be in metadata.xml.

Plone 3.3 will not use metadata.xml at all to determine the package
version. Instead if will look at the package version as defined in
setup.py with a fallback to version.txt.


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