[Product-Developers] Re: Wrong available version shown in portal_quickinstaller in moved Plone install

Derek Broughton derek at pointerstop.ca
Thu May 14 13:15:55 UTC 2009

Daniel Holth wrote:

> For a few months now I've been seeing the wrong available version in
> Plone 3.2.2's portal_quickinstaller for CacheSetup and a couple of
> internal products. The QuickInstallerTool version 2.1.6 is able to
> find the version if it's in profiles/default/metadata.xml but it can't
> find it if it's in version.txt ; obviously I'd prefer to only have
> version.txt because it's easier to suck that into setup.py and so
> forth.

Yes, it is - insofar as there's nothing else _in_ version.txt, but aiui it's 
just plain wrong, now. Versions are supposed to be in metadata.xml, and zope 
complains if it only finds version.txt.

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