[Product-Developers] Aquiring objects with TAL

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Sat May 2 16:55:24 UTC 2009

On 02.05.09 18:50, Joe C wrote:
> Hi,
> Just a bit a background.  I am new to Plone and I am going to convert our
> school web site to use Plone for delivery.  Seems like the best tool for the
> job!  I do not have Python experience but I have programmed in several other
> languages.
> I am using Plone 3.2.1.  My over all goal is to have an "Alert" viewlet that
> will be displayed under the plone.global_sections.  I have managed to get
> the viewlet to display static content, now I need to display the contents of
> a folder.  I have create a folder under the Plone root named "Alerts".  In
> that folder I have added some paged that will serve as the alerts.  The page
> description will be the alert and will link to the page for further
> information.
> At this point I am using a page template without a class.  I am guessing
> that I will have to make this into a class inthe future.  But for now I just
> need to understand how to access the items in the Alerts folder.  I have
> looked at the Plone documentation and it refers content such as
> "template/title" and such.  What I have not found is how to address a
> specific folder's content directly.
> How do I find the items in the Alerts folder?  Once I can find that I can
> iterate over the items to get their attributes such as "Description".
> Thanks for any help, advice or direction.

Read this and investigate from that:



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