[Product-Developers] Archetype/Dynamic URL?

Aprilz aprilz21 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 20:10:47 UTC 2009

I have created some "directory" archetype as product and it essentially does
an xmlrpc call, gets a json/array object of all the users information, and
displays a directory of the users' names and profile information.

I have done a search function using jquery as I am absolutely terrified of
implementing a form in a plone product. There seems to be no guides to doing
so. Or is there?

So the directory path is something like "/directory"

How would you be able to show individual user profiles through
"/directory/ID_NUMBER"? Does Plone allow dynamically generated pages?

The users change frequently and I don't really know how the url address
thing will work. Do I have to manually force-create some user archetype for
all the users returned by the xmlrpc call? Or create a dummy user archetype
that will fill data with the ID_NUMBER passed by POST (since GET seems

I can do more xmlrpc calls using the ID_NUMBER to get information, but just
unsure how Plone allows you to get information from the url and dynamically
create a page.

Thanks for any help!!!

Developing Plone products is a nightmare for newbies. Are there any online
guides/books that teaches you just how to create a full plone product? I
seem to be unable to find any at all. Not the ambigious -> here is the basic
file structure, now use psychic powers to fill the files up with advanced
xml and python and hope everything works. ='( Plone makes newbie developers
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