[Product-Developers] creating a chronological folder listing

David Hostetler negativesum at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 21:50:54 UTC 2009

Thanks Gilles.  I will look into that.

For the time being, I just added a new script to my theme product that
mimics getFolderContents(), but does the date sorting that I described, and
made a corresponding template to leverage it (and do some custom
formatting).  The only downside is that I can't readily just apply this to
collection objects, since they have their own query implementation.  I'm
still thinking about how to handle things for collections.


On Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 05:57, Gilles Lenfant
<gilles.lenfant at ingeniweb.com>wrote:

> Le 24 juin 09 à 21:36, David Hostetler a écrit :
>  I'm looking for some advice about how to approach the following problem I
>> have related to a theme product I'm developing:
>> I need to display folder contents sorted by publication date, which would
>> be easy enough, except that I need creation date to be used in the event
>> that an object does not have a publication date.
>> What's the best way to tackle this?  I can't just deal with the subset of
>> stuff that getFolderContents() returns, because that's already had batching
>> applied, so I wouldn't be dealing with the full set of folder contents, and
>> I don't want to just turn batching off.
>> If I didn't know better I'd say that I need a special catalog index that
>> is equivalent to: (effective_date or creation_date).  If that existed for
>> all objects, then I could just let the normal getFolderContents() function
>> do its magic by ensuring that I give it a
>> {'sort_on':'effective_or_creation_date'} as the contentFilter.
>> Any other ideas?
> Hi,
> Plone 3.3 ships with plone.indexer that addresses this kind of use case. It
> may or may not (untested by myself) work with older Plone 3.x.
> http://plone.org/products/plone/roadmap/239
> http://pypi.python.org/pypi/plone.indexer/
> --
> Gilles Lenfant
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