[Product-Developers] Re: Google Wave and Plone

Jon Stahl jon at onenw.org
Tue Jun 2 15:58:38 UTC 2009

> From: Andreas Jung [mailto:lists at zopyx.com]

> > Indeed, Andreas, I think this kind of "stop energy" is inappropriate
> > and not very constructive.
> :-) The point is: jump on the train when it passes by but not when it
> is 50 miles away. Too many projects or ideas failed or ended like a
> barrel burst just be of the sake for having tried out something cool
> without having a real concept :-)

This is true, but you can't jump on a train without a running start. ;-)

I appreciate healthy skepticism about the latest "new new new"
technology fad (and unreleased code) as much as the next person (perhaps
more, ask my colleagues!) but it's a question of tone and style in the
not-very-expressive medium of email, and it's about making new ideas
feel welcome.  

You have a powerful voice in this community; IMHO, it's more effective
to talk up the ideas you like than to squash the ones you don't. ;-)

with love,

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